Work in progress

Recent working papers and papers currently under revision in peer-reviewed journals

Guerini, M., Luu, D.T., Napoletano, M. (2019). “Synchronization Patterns in the Euro- pean Union,” Documents de Travail de l’OFCE 2019-18.

Other works in progress…

Governance structure, technical change and industry competition (with P. Harting, M. Guerini)

Be patient enough to wait what you deserve : banks’ time- horizons, borrowing constraints and the evolution of industries (with J.L. Gaffard, M. Guerini).

Unconventional monetary policies and green investments : an agent-based analysis (with M. Guerini, F. Lamperti, A. Roventini, T. Treibich)

Endogenous money in a dynamic network formation model with VaR constraints (with F. Vanni, G. Dosi, A. Roventini, S. Battiston).

Distant but close in sight. Firm-level evidence about productivity gaps between the French and the German manufacturing sector (with L. Nesta, T. Grebel).