Work in progress

Recent working papers

Fontanelli, L., Guerini, M., Napoletano, M. (2021). International Trade and Technological Competition in Markets with Dynamic Increasing Returns. GREDEG Working Papers 2021-33. 

Palagi, E., Napoletano, M., Roventini, A., Gaffard J.-L. (2021). An Agent-based Model of Trickle-up Growth and Income Inequality. GREDEG Working Papers 2021-29.

Dosi, G., Lamperti, F. , Mazzucato, M., Napoletano, M., Roventini, A., (2021). Mission- Oriented Policies and the Entrepreneurial State at Work : An Agent-Based Exploration. GREDEG Working Papers 2021-25.

Ferraresi, T., Ghezzi, L., Vanni, F., Caiani, A., Guerini, M., Lamperti, F., Reissl, S., Fa- giolo, G., Napoletano, M., Roventini, A. (2021). On the Economic and Health Impact of the COVID-19 Shock on Italian Regions : A Value Chain Approach. GREDEG Working Papers 2021-18. 

Reissl, S., Caiani, A., Lamperti, F., Guerini, M., Vanni, F., Fagiolo, G., Ferraresi, T., Ghezzi, L., Napoletano, M., Roventini, A. (2021). Assessing the Economic Impact of Lockdowns in Italy : A Computational Input-Output Approach. GREDEG Working Papers 2021-15.

Barbieri, C., Guerini, M., Napoletano, M. (2021). “The Anatomy of Government Bond Yields Synchronization in the Eurozone. GREDEG Working Papers 2021-08.

Grebel,T., Napoletano, M., Nesta, L. (2020). Distant but close in sight. Firm-level evi- dence on French-German productivity gaps in manufacturing. GREDEG Working Papers 2020-50.

Guerini, M., Harting, P., Napoletano, M., (2020). Governance Structure, Technical Change and Industry Competition. GREDEG Working Papers 2020-49.

Guerini, M., Luu, D.T., Napoletano, M. (2019). Synchronization patterns in the European Union, GREDEG Working Papers No. 2019-30.

Other works in progress…

On the Environmental Impact of Global Interconnected Productive Activities (with F. Vanni and M. Guerini)

E pluribus quaedam: GDP out of a dashboard of economic and social indicators (with F. Vanni and M. Guerini)

Be patient enough to wait what you deserve : banks’ time- horizons, borrowing constraints and the evolution of industries (with J.L. Gaffard, M. Guerini).

Unconventional Monetary Policies in an Agent-Based Model with mark-to-market standards (with M. Guerini, F. Lamperti, A. Roventini, T. Treibich)

Endogenous money in a dynamic network formation model with VaR constraints (with F. Vanni, G. Dosi, A. Roventini, S. Battiston).